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Upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04

Saturday, I decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04. I used Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for a long time (since the release date). So the first step was to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10: no problem with this upgrade, it works straight forward. After that I upgraded to 13.04, and I had the following issues. Upgrade to AMD Catalyst 13.4 driver Ubuntu 13.04 uses Linux kernel 3.8.0. As I used the AMD Catalyst driver for my Radeon GPU, I had to recompile the kernel module. I first tried AMD Catalyst 13.1 driver but it doesn’t work, as the kernel headers structure has changed (for instance the version.h header has changed). Fortunately, the AMD Catalyst driver 13.4 supports Linux kernel 3.8.0, so I upgraded to this version. Downgrade Intel video driver Unfortunately, even using AMD Catalyst 13.4 driver, X started in low graphics mode or on the Intel GPU, not on the Radeon one. When I forced the usage of the Radeon GPU (using amdconfig --px-dgpu ), X didn’t start at all. The X log file showed me an error with the f