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Apache Karaf Minho and OpenTelemetry

Telemetry is an important part of a software stack, especially on distributed system (where services call each others). OpenTelemetry is a CNCF project coming from OpenTracing and OpenCensus. It provides API to easily instrument your code and tools to collect and export telemetry data (metrics, logs and traces). Before going into how to use OpenTelemetry with Minho, we have to understand some key concepts: Span is a single building block representing an operation or some unit of work that you want to capture. They are capable of standing on their own, referencing (or following) from other spans, storing metadata, tags, etc. Trace is a visualisation of the life of a request (or series of other operations) that is made up of one or more spans. This collection of spans work together to paint a picture of the overall request, allowing you to easily reconstruct what happened within each span, etc. SpanContext is a wrapper of key values pairs that associates a trace to one or mor