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Apache Karaf dynamic and static approach, docker and kubernetes

Most of the Karaf users know the Apache Karaf “standard” distribution. Apache Karaf dynamic approach (“standard” distribution) You can download Apache Karaf “standard” or “minimal” distributions, you download a “dynamic” distribution. By “dynamic”, it means that you start the Karaf runtime and, later, you deploy applications in it. The resolution is performed at runtime, at deployment time. It’s a “application container” approach (like Apache Tomcat, …). You can create your own custom Karaf runtime (using boot features for instance), where the container starts a set of applications at bootstrap. However, it’s not the only approach ! Apache Karaf is a complete polymorphic application runtime, meaning that it can take different form to match your expectations, use cases and devops requirements. Apache Karaf static approach (likely immutable) You can use a “static” approach with Apache Karaf. It’s similar to kind of spring-boot bootstrap and especially very convenient used with docker and