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Apache Hadoop and Karaf, Article 1: Karaf as HDFS client

Maybe some of you remember that, a couple of months ago, I posted some messages on the Hadoop mailing list about OSGi support in Hadoop ( ). In order to move forward on this topic, instead of an important refactoring, I started to work on standalone and atomic bundles that we can deploy in Karaf. The purpose is to avoid to change Hadoop core, but provides a good Hadoop support directly in Karaf. I worked on Hadoop trunk (3.0.0-SNAPSHOT) and prepared patches ( ). I also deployed bundles on my Maven repository to give users the possibility to directly deploy karaf-hadoop in a running Karaf instance. The purpose is to explain what you can do, the values about this, and maybe you will vote to “include” it in Hadoop directly 😉 To explain exactly what you can do, I prepared a serie of blog posts: Article 1: Karaf as HDFS client . This i