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Introducing Apache Karaf Cave 4.2.x

Apache Karaf Cave 4.2.1 has been released this month. It’s a complete refactoring of Karaf Cave, providing cleaner, faster and new features, focusing on repositories. Let’s take a quick tour of the new Karaf Cave ! Cave Repositories, Cave Deployer, Cave Features Gateway Karaf Cave 4.2.x provides three main modules: Repository is a artifact repositories manager service. Deployer is a Karaf instances management service. Features Gateway is a Karaf Features service exposing several features repositories in an unique gateway. Each module is completely atomic and independent from another: you can use Cave Repositories without the Cave Deployer for instance (or the opposite). Cave Repositories Before 4.2.x, Karaf Cave was mainly a OBR repositories manager. Other features were built around OBR. Cave 4.2.x takes a complete different approach. Cave Repositories is now a generic artifacts repositories manager. The purpose is to deal with artifacts storage (pluggable) exposing different kind o