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Apache Karaf Cellar and DOSGi

Next version of Apache Karaf Cellar will include a DOSGi (Distributed OSGi) implementation. There are several existing DOSGi implementations: in Apache CXF (powered by the CXF stack), in Fuse Fabric, etc. The purpose of the Cellar one is to leverage the Cellar existing (Hazelcast instance, distributed map, etc), and to be very easy to use. Karaf Cellar DOSGi installation Cellar DOSGi is part of the main cellar feature. To install it: karaf@root> features:addurl mvn:org.apache.karaf.cellar/apache-karaf-cellar/3.0.0-SNAPSHOT/xml/features karaf@root> features:install cellar Distributed services You can note a new command available in Cellar: karaf@root> cluster:list-services It displays the list of services “cluster aware”. It means a service that could be used remotely from another node. Code sample To illustrate the Cellar DOSGi usage, we will use two bundles: the provider bundle is installed on node A and “expose” a distributed service the client bundle is installed on node B

ApacheCon NA11 2011: so great

Sad, too early ;). You know this feeling when something great is ended. I was at the ApacheCon NA11, Vancouver this week, and it was simply awesome. I gave two talks: Apache ServiceMix future ( ) Deployment with Apache Karaf and ACE ( ) On the other hand, I attended to the following session: Business and Open Source, open discussion with especially Bertrand (Delacretaz), Debbie (Moynihan), Ross (Turk) Apache, Branding and Trademark, with Shane (Curcuru) Archiva by Brett (Porter) Whirr by Tom (White) DOSGi and cloud by Guillaume (Nodet) I discussed with a lot of people: Of course Dan (Kulp), Hadrian (Zbarcea), Ross (Turk) Guillaume (Nodet), it was really great to work together, discussed about our roadmap for Karaf and ServiceMix, etc. Thanks a bunch Guillaume 😉 Christian (Muller) and Jon (Anstey), we talked about Camel. These guys are so cool 😉 Mohammad (Nour El-Din) about projec

Apache Karaf moved to OSGi r4.3

Apache Karaf trunk (future 3.0 release) now fully supports OSGi 4.3 release by running Apache Felix framework 4.0.1 and Eclipse Equinox 3.7.1. If this update is just a support update, it gives us the opportunity to see what we can leverage from the OSGi r4 early draft. What’s in preparation in OSGi r4 ? I will not cover the whole OSGi 4 specification. I will just spot some features that will be “key” features in Karaf. New OBR specification (RFC-0112) Currently, there are a number of available solutions to downloading and installing bundles: current OBR stores the bundles and allows users to discover bundles P2 provisioning platform used in Eclipse Maven repositories as used in Karaf Nimble Repositories which are an extension of OBR to deal with active state dependencies The idea is to gather all these concepts into a new OBR specification. The new OBR will be able to: handle bundle fragments dependencies, provide management tooling can use a resolver strategy allowing to work with Fel