ApacheCon NA11 2011: so great

Sad, too early ;). You know this feeling when something great is ended.

I was at the ApacheCon NA11, Vancouver this week, and it was simply awesome.

I gave two talks:

On the other hand, I attended to the following session:

  • Business and Open Source, open discussion with especially Bertrand (Delacretaz), Debbie (Moynihan), Ross (Turk)
  • Apache, Branding and Trademark, with Shane (Curcuru)
  • Archiva by Brett (Porter)
  • Whirr by Tom (White)
  • DOSGi and cloud by Guillaume (Nodet)

I discussed with a lot of people:

  • Of course Dan (Kulp), Hadrian (Zbarcea), Ross (Turk)
  • Guillaume (Nodet), it was really great to work together, discussed about our roadmap for Karaf and ServiceMix, etc. Thanks a bunch Guillaume 😉
  • Christian (Muller) and Jon (Anstey), we talked about Camel. These guys are so cool 😉
  • Mohammad (Nour El-Din) about projects in the incubator, proposals, etc
  • Brett (Porter) and Carlos (Sanchez) about Archiva
  • Marcel (Offermans), Alex, Bram, about ACE and OSGi
  • lot of others (Bertrand, Shane, etc, etc) that I would like to thank too

Once again, thank you all.

See you in November 2012 for the ApacheCon Europe, Germany 😉


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