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Apache Karaf & Docker

Apache Karaf 4.2.1 has been released two weeks ago. It’s a major upgrade on the Karaf 4.2.x series, bringing lot of fixes, improvements and new features. Especially: Better support of Java 9, 10 & 11 Sets of examples directly available in the Karaf distribution, allowing you to easily starts with Karaf Better KarafTestSupport  allowing you to easily creates your own integration tests. One of new interesting feature added in Apache Karaf 4.2.1 is the support of Docker. Docker is a great system container platform. Mixing Docker (system container) and Apache Karaf (application container) together gives a great flexibility and very powerful approach for your applications and ecosystem. You decide of the provisioning approach you want to adopt: a static approach using Karaf static profile directly running in Docker a dynamic approach with a regular Karaf distribution running in Docker Apache Karaf 4.2.1 brings two tools around Docker: Build tooling (scripts) allows you to easily create