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ActiveMQ HTTP transport connector load balanced with HAProxy

If you are using ActiveMQ, you probably use the default tcp transport connector configured in the conf/activemq.xml : <transportConnectors> <transportConnector name="openwire" uri="tcp://;wireFormat.maxFrameSize=104857600"/> </transportConnectors> ActiveMQ also provides other transport connectors for some particular protocols ( amqp , mqtt , stomp ) or particular transports. Especially, it supports a very convenient transport connector to go through firewalls: the http transport connector (and extended from http like https , etc. It means that it’s possible to load balance the HTTP connections. We won’t be able to balance the messages (we need a network of brokers for that, see previous blog posts about that. However, the HTTP transport is based on the openwire protocol. So, it’s not just a HTTP request to send a message: the client has to send several HTTP requests to establi