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New Karaf HTTP proxy feature

Apache Karaf 4.2.0 is now on vote, bringing a lot of improvements and new features. One of these new features is the HTTP proxy. The idea of the Karaf HTTP proxy feature is to be able to “expose” a non Karaf running HTTP application into the the Karaf web container. For example, you have a legacy HTTP application running standalone. This application is bound to http://localhost:9999/foo . For consistency, you want Karaf as your main HTTP web container, acting as a gateway/proxy to any other application. The Karaf HTTP proxy feature is for you. Part of the HTTP feature You may know the http feature, installing the Karaf web container. The new proxy feature is part of the http feature. So, you just have to install: karaf@root()> feature:install http You can see now three commands available in addition of the http:list one: http:proxies http:proxy-add http:proxy-remove To illustrate the usage of HTTP proxy, let’s take the example of Karaf WebConsole. Example: proxying Karaf WebConso