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Monitoring and alerting with Apache Karaf Decanter

Some months ago, I proposed Decanter on the Apache Karaf Dev mailing list . Today, Apache Karaf Decanter 1.0.0 first release is now on vote . It’s the good time to do a presentation 😉 Overview Apache Karaf Decanter is complete monitoring and alerting solution for Karaf and the applications running on it. It’s very flexible, providing ready to use features, and also very easy to extend. Decanter 1.0.0 release works with any Karaf version, and can also be used to monitor applications outside of Karaf. Decanter provides collectors, appenders, and SLA. Collectors Decanter Collectors are responsible of harvesting the monitoring data. Basically, a collector harvest the data, create an OSGi EventAdmin Event event send to decanter/collect/* topic. A Collector can be: Event Driven, meaning that it will automatically react to an internal event Polled, meaning that it’s periodically executed by the Decanter Scheduler You can install multiple Decanter Collectors in the same time. In the 1.0.0 re