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Apache Karaf runtime 4.4.0 has been released!

Apache Karaf runtime 4.4.0 has been released, and it's a new milestone on the Karaf runtime roadmap. We change the major version numbering when significant changes and updates are including in a release. It's the case for 4.4.0, starting the 4.4.x series. Let's take a quick tour on Karaf 4.4.x. OSGi R8 Karaf 4.4.x is now powered by OSGi R8 specification. It means that Felix Framework and Equinox have been upgraded to support this OSGi release: Apache Felix Framework 7.0.3 Equinox 3.17.200 Karaf 4.4.x also doesn't use OSGi compendium artifact anymore: it now uses artifacts for each "atomic" service bundles. It's much more flexible, installing exactly the required bundle instead of having systematically the "uber" compendium bundle. OSGi R8 core doesn't bring big changes in the Karaf context, but two additions are interesting though: Condition service: in OSGi, a condition is simply a component, that registers the marke