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Improvements on the Apache Karaf scheduler

Apache Karaf has a scheduler, allowing you to periodically execute actions. It’s powered by Quartz and provide several convenient features. You can easily install the scheduler with the scheduler feature: karaf@root> feature:install scheduler Once you have installed the scheduler, you have new commands available: scheduler:schedule , scheduler:list , etc. The Karaf scheduler also provides a whiteboard pattern to looking for Runnable or Job . It uses the service properties as configuration of the scheduling. It’s what Karaf Decanter uses for the polled collector, like the JMX collector for instance: the Karaf scheduler execute the run() method of the JMX collector every minute by default. You can “reschedule” a job using the scheduler:reschedule command. Scheduler improvements in coming Apache Karaf 4.2.3 release New commands Now, in addition of script, you can also schedule command execution. The previous scheduler:schedule command has been renamed to scheduler:schedule-script