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Some books review: Instant Apache Camel Messaging System,Learning Apache Karaf, and Instant Apache ServiceMix How-To

I’m pleased to be reviewer on new books published by Packt: Instant Apache Camel Messaging System Learning Apache Karaf Instant Apache ServiceMix How-To I received a “hard” copy from Packt (thanks for that), and I’m now able to do the review. Instant Apache Camel Messaging System, by Evgeniy Sharapov. Published by Packt publishing in September 2013 This book is a good introduction to Camel. It covers Camel fundamentals. What is Apache Camel It’s a quick introduction about Camel, in only four pages. We have a good overview about Camel basics: what is a component, routes, contexts, EIPs, etc. We have to see that as it is: it’s just a quick introduction. Don’t expect a lot of details about the Camel basics, it just provides a very high level overview. Installation To be honest, I don’t like this part. It focus mostly on using Maven with Camel: how to use Camel with Maven, integrate Camel in your IDE (Eclipse, or IntelliJ), usage of the archetypes. I think it’s too much restrictive. I woul