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What's new in Apache Karaf 4.2.11 ?

Even if Apache Karaf 4.2.11 is a "minor" version on the Karaf 4.2.x series, it brings some interesting small stuff ;) Karaf BoM Like Apache Karaf 4.3.0, Karaf 4.2.11 now provides a Bill Of Material (BoM) siplifying the management of Karaf dependencies version. All Karaf examples now use the BoM. In your project, you can use the Karaf BoM like this: <dependencyManagement> <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.karaf</groupId> <artifactId>karaf-bom</artifactId> <version>4.2.11</version> <type>pom</type> <scope>import</scope> </dependency> </dependencies> </dependencyManagement> The BoM provides all Karaf dependencies. It means you can use directly the Karaf dependencies like this: <dependency> <groupId>o