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What's new in Apache Karaf Cellar 4.0.0 ?

Apache Karaf Cellar 4.0.0 release is now on vote, and hopefully, it should be available very soon. This release is a major new release. More than just bug fixes, this release brings several refactoring and new features. It’s time to take a tour in the new Cellar 4.0.0. HTTP features Cellar 4.0.0 brings new HTTP features. HTTP load balancer Cellar 4.0.0 provides a new feature: cellar-http-balancer. The purpose is to use any nodes in a cluster group to access a web application, even if the web application is not actually deployed on the local node. For instance, you have a cluster group containing four nodes. You deploy a web application on two nodes. So basically, to access your web application, you have to: specify the address of one of two nodes where the web application is deployed in your browser use a load balancer (mod_proxy_balancer, Cisco, Juniper, F5, whatever) to load balance on the two nodes. The drawback of this is that the load balancer is a single point of failure, and add