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Building Angular WebBundle for Apache Karaf

Apache Karaf is a complete applications container, supporting several programming models: OSGi, DS, Blueprint, Spring, … It’s also a complete web application container like Apache Tomcat, but providing some unique feature. If Apache Karaf supports WAR, it also supports Web Bundle. A Web Bundle is basically a bundle with a specific header. For web application frontend, Angular is popular framework (used in combination with Bootstrap). It’s possible to write Angular directly by hand, but, most of the time, web developers prefer to use IDE like WebStorm. In any case, Angular CLI ( is a “classic” tool to test and build your Angular application. Project with Angular CLI Angular CLI allows you to quickly start your Angular project. You can bootstrap using the following command: $ ng new test-frontend Then, Angular CLI ( ng ) creates all required resources: create test-frontend/ (1028 bytes) create test-frontend/.angular-cli.json (1248 bytes)