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Apache Karaf Cellar 2.2.4

Apache Karaf Cellar 2.2.4 has been released. This release is a major release, including a bunch of bug fixes and new features. Here’s the list of key things included in this release. Consistent behavior Cellar is composed by two parts: the distributed resources which is a datagrid maintained by each cluster nodes and containing the current cluster status (for instance of the bundles, features, etc) the cluster event which is broadcasted from a node to the others Cluster shell commands, cluster MBeans, synchronizers (called at startup) and listeners (called when a local event is fired, such as feature installed) update the distributed resource and broadcast cluster events. To broadcast cluster events, we use an event producer. The cluster event is consommed by a consumer which delegates the handling of the cluster event to a handler. We have a handler for feature, bundle, etc. Now, all Cellar “producers” do: check if the cluster event producer is ON check if the resource is allowed, che