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What's new in Karaf 2.2.4 ?

Apache Karaf 2.2.4 has been released this week end. You can take a look on the release notes . More than a bug fixes release, this version includes several new features and enhancements. Command aliases Previously, the osgi:* commands gathered different kind of usage: osgi:start, osgi:stop, etc are related to bundles, osgi:shutdown is related to container itself, and osgi:ls is OSGi service related. To be clearer for the users, new aliases have been introduced. NB: on Karaf trunk (future 3.0.0 release), the commands have been fully renamed (not aliased). system:* The system:* commands are related to the Karaf container itself:   system:shutdown is equivalent to osgi:shutdown and shutdown the Karaf container   system:start-level is equivalent to osgi:start-level and defines the default start-level to consider bundles as system bundles services:* The services:* commands are related to OSGi services: services:list is equivalent to ls and lists the OSGi services available bundles:* T