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Apache Karaf 2.3.0 released !

Waiting for Karaf 3.0.0, we worked hard in the Karaf team to provide Apache Karaf 2.3.0. The Karaf 2.2.x branch is now only in maintenance mode: it means that no new features will be implemented in this branch, only major bug fixes. The new “stable” branch is now Karaf 2.3.x which is a perfect transition branch between Karaf 2.2.x (heavely used) and the future Karaf 3.x (which should arrive very soon). What’s new in this 2.3.0 release: * OSGi r4.3 : Karaf 2.2.x branch was powered by OSGi frameworks implementing OSGi r4.2 norm. Karaf 2.3.0 is now powered by the new OSGi r4.3 framework (Apache Felix 4.0.3 and Equinox 3.8.x), for both OSGi core and compendium. It provides new features like weaving, etc. * Aries Blueprint 1.0.x : Karaf 2.3.0 uses the new Aries Blueprint version at different level (core, JMX, etc). * Update to ASM 4.0 : in order to work with Aries proxies, we updated to new ASM bundle. We also provided configuration that allows you to enable/disable weaving. * OSGi Regions