Apache Karaf 2011 Millesime

We are preparing the new Karaf “Cuvée” 2012, with the main new release Karaf 3.0.

Karaf 2011 is a good millésime with the following activity:

  • New sub-projects: 3 (Cellar, Cave, WebConsole)
  • Number of commits: 1,851
  • Number of releases: 11
  • Number of messages on the forums/mailing lists: 3119
  • Number of direct downloads: 44,829
  • Number of tickets open/resolved: 782/577
  • Karaf active team: 12

A good millésime for sure.

Now, it’s time to focus on the 2012 vendange 😉

Thanks for the Karaf users and the wonderful Karaf team 😉


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