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My first days at Huawei

I joined Huawei couple of weeks ago as OpenSource Operation expert for Europe. I would like to share my first feeling. Warm welcome I was really impressed during the hiring process about the availability and friendly discussions we had with all people I had the chance to meet. It's confirmed when I joined: I received a very warm welcome, very positive mood. This first day I had a meeting with my bosses QinYao and Bryan. They took the time to introduce the overall strategy and key objectives. It was very helpful and I was able to start my ramp up the first evening ;) In the meantime, Pauline (HR) introduced the company in France and HR details. To be honest, it took me couple of days to understand processes, trainings (and corresponding exams) and internal tools. However, the phone application is very convenient: we have almost everything on the phone app. Once tools installed, I was really pleased and impressed to see all warm welcome messages from my teamma